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    Tips for Tackling Emotional Eating

    Last updated 13 hours ago

    Although the goal of eating is to provide your body with energy, there are many other reasons you may reach for a snack. Many people suffer from “emotional eating,” in which food becomes a source of comfort to reduce feelings of fear, worry, and doubt. Learning to curb your emotional eating response can help you lose weight and find other ways to reduce stress in your life in more positive, effective ways.

    Keep a Diary

    Understanding when your emotions are causing you to eat versus when your body is actually hungry can help you recognize and put an end to emotional eating. As part of your daily dietary program, keep a food diary in which you record your feelings prior to eating. This exercise can help you discover if you tend to eat emotionally when feeling anxious, stressed, tired, or bored. Furthermore, write down how you feel after you have eaten as well. Do you feel satisfied, energized, or guilty? Feelings of guild following a meal or snack could indicate that you weren’t really hungry before eating. Remember that you don’t have to share your diary with anyone, and that being honest about your feelings will yield the best results.

    Find Alternative Outlets

    Eating is only one possible mechanism you can use to cope with negative feelings. If you find yourself eating emotionally, the trick to maintaining a healthier diet is to find other ways to reduce stress. Rather than visualizing food, try to find some other activity that can help you relax and feel more comfortable. Take a hot bath, read a book, listen to music, go for a walk, or play with your pet. Physical activity is a great way to relieve stress and promote more positive thinking. Additionally, taking part in regular exercise can help you to manage stress as well as attain your weight loss goals.

    The professionals at A New Me Weight Loss can help you recognize poor dietary habits and develop positive ones so you can enjoy a healthier, more energetic body and mind. You can explore the benefits of curbing emotional eating on our website or call (310) 683-2161 to get started with us today.

    Comparing Artificial Sweeteners and Other Sugar Substitutes

    Last updated 1 day 14 hours ago

    Most diet plans restrict sugar consumption for weight loss and for good health. For dieters, however, the desire to eat something sweet can be a powerful draw. Many people aim to fulfill their cravings without sabotaging their weight loss efforts by relying on artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes. While these substitutes may help you stick within the calorie range of your diet, they may not always be the best choice for your overall health. Here is what you need to know.

    Artificial Sweeteners

    Artificial sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame, and saccharine are widely available. You will find them in many pre-packaged diet foods and drinks, and they can be used at home in everything from coffee to baking. In packaged foods, they are often used alongside sugar alcohols, another type of artificial sweetener, to enhance flavor and improve texture. There was formally concern that artificial sweeteners could cause cancer, but the National Cancer Institute reports that there is no evidence of this. However, there are some health concerns to consider. Artificial sweeteners can cause stomach distress. Furthermore, because artificial sweeteners are much sweeter than real sugar, some doctors speculate they may actually intensify your sweet cravings and make them increasingly difficult to satisfy.

    Other Sugar Substitutes

    Some people substitute white sugar for other types of sweeteners for health reasons. Some alternative sweeteners include agave nectar, date sugar, honey, and molasses. Despite claims of nutritional benefits, these sweeteners still impact your blood sugar like white sugar would. These sugar substitutes are not calorie-free and are not usually good fits with a weight loss plan.

    A New Me Weight Loss is here to help you navigate confusing nutritional information and settle into a diet plan that really works. Our hCG diet plan is designed to get real results without the hunger associated with other weight loss plans. Schedule a consultation at our Redondo Beach office at (310) 683-2161 and find out how we can help you regain your confidence and look and feel your best.

    Do You Have to Stop Taking Medications While on Our Weight Loss Plan?

    Last updated 7 days ago

    Many clients come to A New Me Weight Loss with numerous weight-related health problems. They may be on medication for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and thyroid problems. It is completely safe for you to continue taking prescribed medication while on our weight loss plan. This is because our dietary program is a completely natural and healthy way to reset your body’s weight management system. You will not need to take pills or drugs during your weight loss program. The supplements we do offer through our weight loss center are natural and safe for your body.

    Weight loss prompts many positive changes in the body. After completing the A New Me Weight Loss program, many of our clients find their health has improved and they no longer suffer from certain weight-related health issues. If you have further questions about our hCG weight loss program in Redondo Beach, please call (310) 683-2161 to speak with a knowledgeable staff member. You’ll find additional information about our program and frequently asked questions on our website.

    How We Help You Maintain Your Weight Loss

    Last updated 9 days ago

    At A New Me Weight Loss, our dietary program is designed to help you achieve success. During the weight loss portion of your program, you will reset your body’s natural weight control system. Additionally, you will learn how to choose healthy foods and portion sizes that are right for your body’s needs. After you have completed the weight loss portion of our program, you will begin the 25-day maintenance phase. During this phase, we will help you restructure your diet to include foods you weren’t able to eat while losing weight. At the end of your A New Me Weight Loss program, you will not only look and feel healthier, you will have all the tools you need to maintain your weight and your health for life.

    Are you ready to discover how A New Me Weight Loss can help you on the path to weight loss? Our hCG diet program is designed to help you lose weight at a healthy speed and maintain your weight loss goals once your program is complete. You can read through our success stories on the web, or call (310) 683-2161 to schedule an appointment today!

    Which Vitamins Are Essential for Good Health?

    Last updated 14 days ago

    Vitamins provide essential benefits for your body. There are 13 vitamins you should be including in your diet: vitamin A, C, D, E, K, and the B vitamins. Vitamins may be either water-soluble or fat-soluble. While water-soluble vitamins must be constantly replenished through diet, fat-soluble vitamins are retained in your body. Dietary supplements can help to boost your vitamin intake if you aren’t able to get enough of these necessary nutrients through food. Check out this informative video to learn more about these essential vitamins.

    At A New Me Weight Loss, we can help you design a healthy, well-rounded diet to lose weight and get healthier. We offer a variety of weight loss supplements and injections to aid in your journey toward wellness. You can learn more or schedule a visit to our weight loss center by calling (310) 683-2161 or visiting our website. 

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