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    What Causes Food Cravings?

    Last updated 15 hours ago

    Food cravings are the bane of every dieter. At A New Me Weight Loss, our hCG diet plan is designed to battle hunger and help you stay on track. However, psychological hunger pangs—or cravings—can still strike in your first few days. One of the most powerful things you can do to eliminate your cravings is to understand what causes them. Here’s an inside look at how cravings take hold.

    Basics of Cravings
    First things first—cravings are not hunger. Instead, cravings are sparked by a complex set of circumstances and chemicals that cause you to have an intense desire to eat a certain food. Everyone experiences cravings, but not everyone experiences them the same way. Women tend to have cravings more than men. There are also gender differences in the things men and women are most likely to crave. Women usually crave sweets, while men often crave salty foods. There are geographic variations in food cravings as well. For instance, American women report chocolate cravings most often than others, while Egyptian women tend to crave more substantial foods, like eggplant stuffed with meat. The one constant about cravings is that they are almost universally for high-calorie foods.

    Causes of Cravings
    Scientists aren’t sure exactly what causes cravings, but a series of circumstances seem to line up to trigger them. Cravings are largely tied to mood. If you’re feeling down, it’s natural to crave fatty or sugary items, because they release opioids into the bloodstream that cause feelings of euphoria. These cravings can increase when you’re dieting because serotonin levels often drop slightly when you restrict food intake. Your cravings could be your body’s way of asking for a mood booster. The pleasure you felt when you gave into cravings in the past, combined with happy memories tied to certain foods, help to shape your particular cravings.

    At A New Me Weight Loss, we can help you beat your cravings and achieve your weight loss goal. Our hCG diet plan encourages fat burning to keep your hunger in check. We also have supplements to help maintain a healthy nutrient balance to keep cravings in line. Call our Redondo Beach office today at (310) 683-2161 to learn more about our weight loss plan. 

    Exploring Some of the World's Healthiest Foods

    Last updated 3 days ago

    When it comes to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, it isn’t just about restricting your calorie intake. It’s also about choosing the right foods. Making good food choices will help you battle hunger and maintain a healthy weight.

    Watch this video to learn about some of the best food choices you can make. Avocados, walnuts, and salmon are packed with healthy fats that help you feel satisfied and help to keep cravings at bay. Make these foods part of your weight loss maintenance plan.

    At A New Me Weight Loss, we’re here to help you transition from our hCG diet plan to a new, healthier way of eating so you can keep the weight off. To learn more, call our Redondo Beach weight loss center at (310) 683-2161.  

    How A New Me Weight Loss Can Help You Get and Keep Your Summer Body

    Last updated 4 days ago

    If you find yourself facing the summer beach season with some excess winter weight, help is at hand from A New Me Weight Loss. In our Redondo Beach clinic, we help our clients drop weight quickly and safely with our dramatically effective hCG diet. With our diet, not only will you lose weight quickly, but you’ll lose the most dangerous kind of weight you can carry—abdominal weight. How can we help you reclaim your beach body? Here’s what you need to know.

    The A New Me Weight Loss Program
    Our program combines a low-calorie diet with hCG hormones to support your efforts.  This combination causes your body to rely on fat reserves for nutrients. On a typical day, you will consume between 600 and 800 calories, but, thanks to the way hCG causes your body to use fat reserves, your body will get an extra 1,000 to 2,000 calories from your stored fat. As a result, your body will have the fuel it needs, and you won’t feel hungry. As your fat reserves are released, fat-stored vitamins like A, D, E, and K will be released into your bloodstream, which will help improve your skin elasticity. Exercise is not part of the weight loss program. We ask that clients stick to low-impact activities, like walking or yoga, if they do choose to exercise while on our weight loss plan.

    Keeping the Weight Off
    Once you’ve lost the weight, we can help you transition back to a normal diet with our maintenance program. Learn about healthy food choices and proper portion sizes, and hold onto your weight loss success. Many summertime foods, like berries, tomatoes, and mangoes, are great choices for your new, healthy diet.

    Don’t spend summer hiding away indoors. Get confident about your body with help from A New Me Weight Loss. Schedule a consultation at our Redondo Beach weight loss clinic by calling (310) 683-2161, and find out more about how we can help you reach your weight loss goals. 

    Understanding Your Hypothalamus and How It Affects Your Hunger

    Last updated 12 days ago

    Hunger is an important signal your body sends when you need sustenance. Eating food provides your body with the energy it needs to function and heal itself every day. Understanding how your brain regulates hunger can help you learn how to form a positive relationship with your body’s need for food to maintain your weight loss goals.

    What Is the Hypothalamus?
    The hypothalamus is one of many regions inside the brain. It is responsible for connecting two important and major systems in your body: the endocrine system and the nervous system. The nervous system sends signals back and forth between the body and the brain using electrical signals, which travel along nerves. Your endocrine system is a complex system of organs and glands that regulate many bodily processes. The hypothalamus regulates systems such as blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, waking and sleeping cycles, immune responses, sexual function, thirst, and hunger.

    What Is the Hypothalamus’ Role in Hunger?
    Regulating hunger is one of the many functions carried out by the hypothalamus. It is responsible not only for signaling the need to eat, but also for signaling the feeling of fullness. Hunger is regulated by the hypothalamus using two different chemical messengers, or hormones. These hormones are ghrelin and leptin. When your body needs food, ghrelin is released by the stomach and hypothalamus into the bloodstream, prompting feelings of hunger. The levels of ghrelin in the body drop after a meal. Leptin is responsible for feelings of fullness, and is released by fatty tissues when the body has had enough to eat. This hormone is detected by the hypothalamus, which signals you to stop eating. Because this process takes time, you may be full before you actually “feel” that you are finished.

    Are you ready to end the cycle of dead-end dieting and learn how to manage your weight for life? Contact A New Me Weight Loss by calling (310) 683-2161 to explore our successful weight loss options in Redondo Beach. We invite you to check out our blog for more information about hunger, weight loss, and weight management.

    What Kind of Exercises Should You Do on Our Plan?

    Last updated 13 days ago

    A healthy diet is only one key factor necessary for successful long-term weight loss. In addition to eating nutritious foods, you must also get your body moving to help burn calories. During your time with A New Me Weight Loss, however, you will be eating a low-calorie diet. This means you are not required to exercise to lose weight while you complete our plan. We do encourage you to take part in the daily activities you love. If you wish to exercise in addition to daily activities, you should choose non-strenuous, low-impact options such as yoga, swimming, or walking. These activities will help to improve your overall health, mobility, flexibility, and endurance as you are working to reduce your weight.

    Do you have more questions about the weight loss program at A New Me Weight Loss? We will be happy to answer your questions and get you started on the road to the body you’ve always wanted. Please give us a call at (310) 683-2161 or click through our website to discover the benefits of working with us to reach your goals.

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